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High Performance Program

Welcome to Mike Daley Tennis. Our High Performance Tennis Program is at the cutting edge of training and development. Located in the beautiful town of Stuart, Florida, we provide short and long term tennis training for juniors and adults.

Our staff has worked with every type of player from entry level beginners to players ranked in the top 100 in the world. At the core of our philosophy is the idea that we are teaching people, not tennis.

We do not subscribe to a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach.

Winning comes from skills, and skills come from knowhow and repetition. Everyone that enters our program (except short stay students) undergoes a comprehensive, diagnostic skills assessment. Technical, strategic, physical and psychological skills are tested to evaluate strengths and flaws.

From these initial skill assessments players are shown what they do well, what they need to improve on and what they need to change. This knowledge is then incorporated into a specific training program to strengthen skills they already have and to learn new skills they do not have. Repetition ensures these skills are carried over into match play.