HP Answers


Tennis is a game of hitting targets under pressure. The better your techniques, the easier it is to achieve this. The chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

At our High Performance Tennis Training Clinics we strengthen those weak links.

We teach techniques based on mathematical, bio-mechanically efficient models of current or projected world class performance.

It is the only way to guarantee success.

Basic shots win a match, not great shots, and the best tennis players have the simplest systems.

Through our technical training you will be able to maximize output relative to input, hit the ball where you want to hit it, with the speed and spin you desire, with the least amount of moving parts and muscle recruitment. And you will be able to prevent injury.

For our short duration students we work within a player’s game. Technical training might involve some “bandage changes” but no reprogramming of strokes.

For our longer duration students we are improving strokes. Students must buy into this and make the commitment; otherwise we will not proceed. Without the students buy in, it does not work.


Are you a defensive baseliner, an aggressive baseliner, an aggressive net rusher or an aggressive all courter? How do you win and lose points.

At the High Performance Tennis Training Clinics we teach a zonal, all court game. Almost no one on the pro tours at the moment can play inside the service box line. Players today need every competitive edge if they are to be successful competing at the highest levels.


Strength training is done on alternate days of the week for conditioning to ensure variety and prevent fatigue.


In tennis mental skills are just as important as technical skills. On court drills and exercises are combined with off court classroom exercises to give our students greater self confidence, greater concentration, increased motivation, the proper arousal levels and better relaxation skills.